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Skip Tracing and Cyber-Tracking

Skip-tracing and cyber-tracking is a unique process of developing and gathering information for locating persons who can’t be found.

We have the necessary tools to conduct cyber-tracking, and experienced skip tracers.

Basically, there are 3 types of skips:

  1. The Out of Pocket Skip: Individuals who are difficult to locate, but not intentionally hiding.

  2. The Intentional Skip: Those who go to any length to hide.

  3. The Fraud Account Skip: People who have no intention of paying their debt.
Image of someone typing on a laptop using different ways to find a missing person.
Dig deeper to locate the hardest-to-find individuals with the unmatched investigative tools from The Carin Group.

Remember, time is money. The longer it takes to locate a hard-to-find subject or close an investigation, the less likely you are to collect the debt or enjoy the results you desire. The Carin Group can help locate individuals who have “skipped without a trace.”

The Carin Group has a national certification in skip-tracing and cyber-tracking and understands the frustration and stress involved in not knowing where these people may be located.

Let us help you locate the missing person in your life.

Frequently asked questions
Get more insight into missing people and the skip-tracing vernacular.

We have expertise in locating people for all kinds of reasons, entrust your case to experts who deliver results.

  • Whether it’s a relative, close friend, past love, runaway child, a debtor, or a witness, there are many various reasons people go missing.

    Regardless of the reason, we have experience in finding this missing person in your life.

  • A skip is defined as any person who cannot be contacted via telephone, mail, email, text, or in person.

Find missing persons with cyber tracking
Whatever the reason, our experts can help find skips through advanced investigative techniques.